Fullers Mill Garden

Fullers Mill garden is an enchanting 7 acre creation on the banks of theBeside-MillPond River Lark. It combines a beautiful site of light dappled woodland with a plantsmanís collection of rare and unusual shrubs, perennials, lilies and marginal plants. Bernard Tickner, the founder, has spent over 50 years designing and creating the garden, working particularly with plant form and texture in addition to colour, to build a garden of truly year-round interest.
The garden consists of the Top Garden, The River Lark and Mill Pond, The Quandaries, The Low Garden and The Strip. Fullers Mill cottage has it's own private garden which is still owned by the family but is not open to the public.
The garden is open from the 2nd April to the end September on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays 2 - 5pm. Tea, coffee, delicious home-made cake and plants are for sale. Disabled access is possible through most of the garden and toilet facilities are available. There is an entrance fee of £4.00 standard admission and £4.40 Gift Aid admission.

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